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"Your curb directory is a great tool.  Did 4 days of work in upscale Calabasis and 2 days in Malibu because they found me on your site." - Alan Holtrop of Classic Curbs

"Thank you very much for allowing us to list on the curb directory it has been such a blessing and has gotten us several jobs." - William Collins of Landscape Framers Inc.

"curb directory works great. nothing works better." - Philip Chesky of Creative Custom Curbing 

To be listed in our curb directory

The Curb Directory does not work without you. In the course of our business at Curb-King we are contacted by a lot of people looking to have curbing installed. The Curb Directory is our way to give those contacts to you.

The Curb Directory is a free service. We provide this service because we know that our success is tied to your success. When you succeed, we succeed.

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Green Grass 3
Cesar Nunez
17066 NW 56 CT
Miami, Florida 33055
email address available


Over 1,500 people a month look for curbing through the curb directory. These people are highly qualified leads. They have taken the time to find us on the internet and then taken the time to narrow there search by entering their zipcode.

Make yourself stand out by purchasing ad space and placing a banner next to your listing. The banner can highlight your special qualifications and abilities. The banner can also be linked to your web page if you wish. The cost for an advertisng space is $45 for a year. You can provide your own 234x234 pixel banner or we can make you one for $25.

Purchase advertising for a year with banner design           $70       Buy

Purchase advertising for a year                         $45           Buy

Purchase advertising for two years with a banner  design          $105     Buy

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After you have purchased a banner, We will contact you and we will gather the information we need to build your custom banner. We will work together until you have a banner that you are happy with.

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